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Winter Warmers

Wednesday 18th October 2017

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The colder months are upon us once again; brown leaves on the ground and the chillier temperatures mean we are approaching that time of year where we want comfort; cosy knits, scarves and hats, warm coats and wellies, but most importantly of all we want comfort food!

Sometimes there is nothing better than getting in from the cold, cheeks and fingers tingling, and warming up with a piping hot winter dish. At The Harvey Centre there are some great eateries you could stop off at for a break in between doing your Christmas shopping (because it also time to start thinking about that too!)

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Why not try Cork and Skewer; this modern English and Mediterranean restaurant serves everything from juicy burgers to tasty wraps. As the winter draws in though what says winter warmer better than Kleftiko? A well loved classic Greek dish of slow roasted shoulder of lamb that falls apart as soon as you go to tuck in served with rice. Or Moussaka; minced beef layered with aubergines, courgettes, potatoes and classic béchamel sauce. Warming and delicious this dish is perfect for a cold day.

If you prefer something more traditional they also serve the British classic Fish and Chips, as well as chicken chops cooked in lemon and oregano and served with chips just to name a few choices. You can also order online at and have their freshly cooked dishes delivered to your front door! In case you want to stay really cosy and warm or take your dinner home with you.

You can view the full Cork and Skewer menu here.

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Papas Cappucino Bar is another great choice for either lunch or dinner. They serve everything from warming toasted sandwiches you can enjoy with a coffee to all day breakfasts, jacket potatoes or speciality kebabs such as shawarma and Peri Peri chicken. Once again, if you like your classics there is plenty of choice with options such as Steak and Kidney Pie and chips or Lasagne.  There is also plenty of choice on the childrens menu and they will LOVE choosing from five milkshake flavours, unless they want to save themselves for cookie dough dessert that is. Just like Cork and Skewer, Papas also offers a take away service and you can view their full menu here.

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Or what better way to treat yourself after a hard days retail therapy than delicious freshly cooked pizza from Dominoes? Made to order with your choice of toppings and their secret tomato sauce recipe their pizzas are the ultimate indulgence that everyone enjoys.

Other available take away restaurants are Chick Stop

Dining In?

If you’re not usually handy in the kitchen why not change that this year and make some classic winter dishes from scratch at home? After all, when it is cold or wet outside sometimes it is nicer to close the curtains and stay in keeping warm and cosy.

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You could try classic shepherd’s pie; Beef mince cooked with vegetables of your choice (the more veggies the better if there are fussy eaters around!) beef stock and seasoning with a little salt and pepper and served with mashed potato on top. Simple to make and always guarantees empty plates. The ingredients are easy to find too, you could quickly grab them from the supermarket on your way back to the car and have it on the table in no time once indoors.

Try the classic recipe here.

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Or you could try Sausage and mash if you wanted to try something a little quicker to cook. Choose sausages from Tesco’s finest range and you could serve caramelised onion or Bramley apple filling on a bed of creamy mash potatoes made with cheese and butter.

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Alternatively you could make a delicious curry rather than opting for your usual Friday night takeaway. Butter chicken is simply chicken massaged in spices, cooked in butter and cream with diced onions and garlic and served with rice. Easy and delicious and if you are serving it to children, just leave out the chilli powder. Icelands Butchers market Class A chicken thighs are just £2.49 for 1.51kg and using thighs not only means you save a bit of money but they also stay juicier than breast tends to.

Why not try this easy recipe here.

Whatever your culinary desires this coming autumn and winter, the Harvey Centre has got you covered whether you want luxury food and to be waited on while you relax and unwind or whether you want to cook a delicious meal from scratch for your loved ones. Even if you just want a tasty ready meal to whack in the oven so you can relax on the sofa, we’ve got you covered – and we won’t tell anyone!

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