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Where To Go On Holiday in 2016

Thursday 28th January 2016

Holidays in 2016 are estimated to be bigger and better than ever before with a whole host of destinations opening up to travellers that are keen to get off the beaten track and explore parts of the world that once seemed out of reach for UK tourists.  We take a look at where to go on holiday in 2016.

Booking your summer holiday promises the warmth of a sunny break from everyday life, when the constant need to crank up the central heating is a distant memory. With that in mind, take a look at some of the 2016 holiday hot-spots!

Three quarters of Brits are happy to travel over nine hours to find their perfect destination

Central and South America

Whilst short to mid-haul beach destinations are always a firm favourite for holidaying Brits, particularly Spain and Greece, a recent Onepoll survey has shown that over three quarters of Brits are happy to travel over nine hours to find their perfect destination.

Our first suggestion within our ideas of ‘Where To Go On Holiday in 2016’ involves crossing the Atlantic; Costa Rica and Sri Lanka are proving to be two of the most popular destinations for summer 2016, with beautiful environmental landscapes and a mix of culture, cuisine and coastal adventure.

For an adults-only holiday, Thomas Cook in The Harvey Centre boasts several beautiful five star resorts in their romantic “Signature” range, leaving from airports across the UK and oozing luxury. With Family Holidays, Couples Holidays, All Inclusive Holidays, Cruises and more, they’re a great port of call for your perfect holiday, with prices starting at just £105pp.



Whilst a romantic cruise is all well and good for the young working couple, sometimes it’s difficult to pull together enough for such an extravagant treat.’Where To Go On Holiday in 2016′ also looks at holidaying at home!

There are many amazing locations in the UK that get forgotten when booking a holiday, but actually can be a great holiday. Great Yarmouth and Bournemouth are just two examples of traditional English seaside towns, with huge beaches, amusement arcades, fun fairs and more – and more often than not they’ll put on huge events during the school holidays.

Cornwall is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the country, with sandy beaches, rolling hills and an enormous array of tourist attractions, including Land’s End – the southernmost part of Britain. Whether you’re staying on a holiday park (with built-in entertainment round the clock) or in a secluded cabin, there’s plenty to do right here in our own back gardens!


Adventure Holidays

The Americas (including traditional family destination, Orlando) aren’t the only long-haul options in our ‘Where To Go On Holiday in 2016’ suggestions, and holidays both down-under and to the ‘great white north’ are predicted to see a significant boost this year, whilst EU destinations such as Paris are expected to see a slump.

The pound is on a six-year high against both Canadian
and Australian dollars

As well as beach holidays holding their own as a family favourite, it looks like action-packed holidays are on the rise! The same Onepoll survey showed that 40% of men and 34% of women admitted to feeling more adventurous on a long haul trip – and more than two thirds claimed that travelling long haul would make them much more likely to book adventurous excursions on their trip instead of sticking to the sand!

Whether this is zip-wiring through the Costa Rican jungle or swimming with dolphins in Curacao, getting stuck in to the culture and surroundings seems to be at the forefront of British holiday-goers’ minds.


Touring Tokyo

If the South American lifestyle doesn’t call to you, another new holiday trend is calling – this time from Asia! Tourism in Tokyo has boomed under the current Prime Minister’s administration. By actively targeting niche markets such as ski, honeymoon and adventure tourism, trip bookings to the Japanese capital have seen a 25% boost this year. What’s more, Tokyo trips are now 50% cheaper for UK travellers than they were in 2013 according to the Post Office’s Long Haul Report!

Whether you’re sticking to tradition, going on an adventure, or want to try something completely off the wall, speak to your Travel Agent about how you can make your 2016 holiday one you’ll never forget.


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