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The Most Valuable Treasures You Have In Your Loft

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

The Most Valuable Treasures You Have In Your Loft!

shutterstock_307443920 The Most Valuable Treasures You Have In Your Loft

If I were to ask you what was in your loft would you groan at the very thought of the items that could be tucked away gathering dust up there? Would you even remember half of the stuff that you have? Of course, for most people, it tends to be photos, old family films, your long forgotten favourite books or favourite childhood toy but perhaps there are also some valuable treasures up there that you kept deliberately in the hope that one day they would earn you some money?

Should you be looking for an excuse to avoid clambering up the ladder into the dark depths of your loft and start clearing stuff out, we at The Harvey Centre might have found you a reason not to as some of the items up there could actually be a collectable.



Many women today who were teenagers in the late nineties may remember collecting ring pulls from Pepsi cans in order to obtain a ‘rare’ Spice girls single. (It was called ‘Step to Me’ in case you’re curious) back then in a world before the internet was mainstream it was impossible to hear the single unless you had it in your possession (and having it was a big deal) but sadly in today’s world of YouTube it is easily accessible and even if you have the original Pepsi CD in its original cardboard sleeve, on eBay it would only fetch you around £5.00. Not exactly a sum to retire on.

shutterstock_204142381 The Most Valuable Treasures You Have In Your Loft

Mums with young children may at some point have clambered into their parent’s loft and retrieved their old beloved Barbie dolls in the hope they will enjoy them just as much as they once did. Sadly those Barbie dolls won’t hold much more than sentimental value unless you happen to have a first edition Barbie from 1959 still in its box (although probably best not to let the little ones play with that if you do have one!) Other 80’s / 90’s favourite collectables were My Little Pony or complete collections of Polly in my Pocket and of course; Beanie Babies!  The notorious Beanie Babies that so many people collected with the view that one day they would become a sought-after collector’s item.

There was a story published once about a couple who had to move because of running out of space in their flat due to the woman’s boxed beanie baby collection! Plenty of people today still have theirs but are they really worth something now after all these years? Well yes actually some of them are; do you have a millennium Ty Beanie Baby? It is now worth around the 400 mark believe it or not and if you’re lucky enough to have a rare Princess Diana Purple Beanie Baby it could be worth up to an eye-watering £60,000. Yep, £60,000!

Beanie Babies aren’t the only 90’s collectable that are earning their devoted collectors money. After speaking with Tom from one of our two hobby shops at the Harvey Centre – Marquee Models – he advised that original Pokémon cards from 20 years ago were selling for up to £100 on eBay last year. That is for just ONE card.

According to Tom, the most collectable items tend to be old toys such as Hornby Train sets (or Triang as they were originally known). The key to their value is in the condition. Obviously, most toys that are well played with by little hands tend to end up being wrecked so any sets that are in pristine condition are rare and well worth being valued. Scalextrix is another big seller if you have original sets in mint condition as well as any action figures or dolls still in the original box.

shutterstock_462890665 The Most Valuable Treasures You Have In Your Loft

Other long forgotten possessions that could be sitting in your loft that may be worth some money today are instruments; they only have to be 50 or 60 years old but, once again, in good condition.  Perhaps you have a relative’s old guitar or violin stashed somewhere? Further items that could be worth something include old glass perfume bottles with pumps or could you have some first edition books lurking up there that you have long forgotten you even owned? Anything from old pens to lamp bases or paintings to postcards could be a collector’s item.

If you had been thinking of giving your loft a long overdue sort out then now might just be the time, you never know you could be sitting on a small fortune!


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