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Valentine’s Date Spots In Harlow

Thursday 01st February 2018

Valentine’s day is this month and after struggling through January or spending day after day getting soaked in the miserable weather and coming home from work in the dark, it is nice to plan a little something with your loved one to look forward to.

Different stages of relationships bring different expectations and situations so we have put together some ideas based on the stage of the relationship you’re in, everything from fun to traditional. So whether you fancy trying a new activity this Valentines or sticking with something a bit more romantic we have an idea to suit you.

‘First Date’

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First dates are exciting but they can also be quite nerve-wracking. If you feel as though your nerves may get the better of you this Valentine’s day then why not opt for a cinema date. It may seem cliché but it really is a great way to take someone out without feeling the pressure to fill the entire evening with conversation. You can always meet for a drink beforehand in order to get to know each other a bit better then treat yourselves to popcorn or pick n mix and enjoy some escapism from everyday life with one of the latest releases. Check out what’s on at Cineworld HERE.

‘Seeing each other’

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After any initial first date nerves, it is time to get to know everything about each other and what better way than a romantic long walk along the River Stort. Regular dates out and about can end up costing a lot so if you have the day off together why not wrap up warm and enjoy the fresh air. The river links up Parndon Mill and the Gibberd Garden which are worth a visit. For ideas on where else to walk in Harlow, check out our previous blog post.

‘Making it Official’

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Once you’re comfortable in each other’s company date nights can sometimes become a little more infrequent. You’re getting to know one another and meet the family as well as enjoy movie nights or chilled weekends filled with box sets. Part of making it official is also getting to know each other friends so why not have a double or triple date this Valentine’s day and do something a bit different like Quasar. Meeting each other’s friends can be as daunting as a first date sometimes so this makes it fun and less formal and will be a great memory to look back on years down the line.


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Planning a wedding can be costly as well as time-consuming and while most of the experience is enjoyable some of it can be extremely stressful, especially if all of your spare pennies are going towards it and you’re going out less. So why not set some of the wedding funds aside this Valentine’s Day and go out to dinner for a proper catch-up. You can even set the rule that there is no wedding talk that night! The Harvey Centre has a vast array of eateries all of which won’t break the bank so you can treat yourselves to an evening off of wedding planning guilt free and maybe even treat yourself to some retail therapy after.

‘Happily Married’

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It’s said that the first few years of marriage are the hardest no matter how happy you are; buying a house, starting a family and working at your career all take a lot of hard work and time. Chances are nowadays Valentine ’s Day is seen as an opportunity to have a night off from your busy life and enjoy some well-needed fun so how about bowling? Easy to play and lots of fun it will give you that evening of escapism you need and if you have a young family and no babysitters available then you can make it a family date night. Harlow Bowl is open until 11.30pm and allows you book online so there are no worries about having to wait around for a free lane. There is also food and drink available.

‘Long-Term Relationship’

26167806_954081291411405_1795376975542627834_n-300x300 Valentine’s Date Spots In Harlow

When you have been with your loved one for a long time it can be so easy to slip into a habitual way of life. You don’t mean to, however, life gets in the way, especially if you have children thrown into the mix. While you wouldn’t change your routine with your loved one for anything it is nice to make time for each other now and then and do something different. Date nights are always a great way to catch up and have some adult time but why not do something a bit different to the traditional meal out this Valentine’s day and experience the Panic Room! You have 60 minutes to solve the clues and puzzles to escape the room in time. Reignite your lust for adventure in this thrilling, adrenaline pumping experience.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, remember that date nights don’t have to be restricted to once a year. Enjoy!


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