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The Harvey Centre Staff Are All Trained To Use New Life-Saving Device

Thursday 30th April 2015

The Harvey Centre shopping centre has received a new piece of equipment that can make the vital difference when a person goes into cardiac arrest.

The new defibrillator installed at the Harvey Centre is part of the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust’s (EEAST) project to place 1,000 of the life-saving devices across the six counties it serves.

Thirteen staff at the centre received first aid and defibrillator training on Wednesday, April 15th and Tuesday, 21st April.

Jack Squires, an emergency care assistant (ECA) for the Trust and British Heart Foundation Heartstart first aid trainer, helped deliver the training. Jack, who is based in Loughton, said: “Training went really well with staff at the centre. We went through using the defibrillator, which is fully automated so can in fact be used by those who haven’t received training. We also covered the management of conscious and unconscious patients, treatment of heart attacks, serious bleeding and choking.”

The Trust has placed defibrillators in locations such as churches, leisure centres, schools or golf courses where they are easily accessible and can be of most benefit to local communities to help to save more lives.

Kevin Hudson, EEAST Community Partnership Manager for Essex, said: “We are pleased to see these defibrillators in local communities as part of our scheme to roll out 200 defibrillators across Essex. They are very easy to use – once you have switched the machine on, voice instructions are provided. Having life-saving equipment with the patient within minutes of a cardiac arrest helps save lives.”

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