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Surviving Christmas

Tuesday 20th December 2016

We all know December can be a crazy month; filled with food, drinks, family time and excessive shopping; which can leave many of us feeling overworked and bothered, keeping everyone happy and hunting for the perfect gifts can drain you, which often leaves us wondering – is it really worth the stress? Sometimes we can take the Christmas break too seriously – and where is the fun in that?

Here are 8 tips on how to stay sane this Christmas…

Always plan ahead

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Nobody wants to juggle work and Christmas shopping. If you can, try and take time off work well in advance. Having some free days leading up to Christmas as well as after will be handy for preparation. And some well-deserved rest! You can stock up on drinks, treats, wrapping supplies and some generic presents just in case you forget one or two people – whoops!


The perfect Christmas is a myth

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Just take the day as it comes. High expectations only breed disappointment and now is not the time for that. Christmas time is all about fun and making memories. Yes, there may be burnt food and demanding family members but even the perfect Christmas movies have some mishaps.


Get through the work Christmas party

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The work party usually marks the start of the festivities, with the stressful work year coming to an end. Let your hair down and let the indulgence commence but pace yourself. Remember you’ll be seeing these colleagues in a matter of days/weeks and there will be the infamous photo emails floating around the office.


Why do everything?

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Hosting at home? Why not spread the jobs around? Perhaps the kids can take on Christmas decorations and leave somebody else in charge of the snack arrangements or games. This will allow you to also join in on the fun and actually enjoy your holiday or simply put your feet up and watch some Christmas TV.


Make an old outfit new

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You can get glammed up without breaking the bank by mixing an old dress with some new on-trend accessories, festive nails and of course some sparkle! High waisted belts are back on trend and they can make any outfit new again. And if all else fails, let your hair and make-up do the talking.


Sleep, stretch & smile

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After all the dramatic pre-work and rush for last minute bits and bobs, schedule in an early night to recover and rejuvenate for the busy days ahead. The gym is the last place we want to visit but it would be a great way to balance out the Christmas indulgence; not only will you feel amazing, you’ll have the energy to handle the occasional fussy eater and still be able to smile through it.


Spread the love

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! Reach out to friends, check on extended family, and invite the neighbours round; only if appropriate of course. Nobody really wants to be alone for Christmas and doing something selfless, like volunteering with a charity to make someone else’s Christmas special is what it’s all about.


Have everything… In moderation

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It’s hard to say no to all the pretty glasses of Prosecco calling you and the canapés everywhere in sight. Having 1 too many has the ability to push you into a hangover and food coma the next day crying   “I still have loads to do!” Always eat before drinking and be responsible.


Heaps of wasted food and New Year debts are never worth it, and you want to go into 2017 feeling refreshed and ready to work on all of those resolutions. The day should be enjoyable! But if that’s a struggle and you’ve had enough of the routine, perhaps try something different next year? A getaway far far away is always a good idea!



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