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Support Lenny To Walk Again and Donate

Thursday 28th July 2016

Twanky is back to get you honking to support Lenny to walk again!

 “Get Britain Honking”  in support of Lenny!

 You can Honk for as little as £1.00!!

Daniel Robertson & Sons has named ‘Walk with Lenny’ as their sponsored charity. Twanky is back to get you honking, he’s just dropped in from Pantoland to help Lenny achieve his dream. We would like to share his story with you and would like to invite you to make a donation to help support Lenny to walk again and continue to share the wonders of walking which most of us take for granted every day. Lenny just wants to walk like his friends, but his physiotherapy is vital to maintain progress and it isn’t funded by the NHS, costing £12k every year. Please help this remarkable and determined little boy realise his dreams and support Lenny to walk again. Please take a few minutes to read about and see more of his amazing journey at


image004 Support Lenny To Walk Again and Donate



Lenny’s story…

After a long battle by his mother for someone to realise that all was not well with Lenny’s physical development, when Lenny was nine months old he was finally diagnosed with Quadriplegia Spastic Cerebral Palsy.

The family’s lives came crashing down and became an inevitable series of hospitals, consultants, physios, neurosurgeons, occupational therapists and paediatrician appointments.

At the age of three the family were told that Lenny would never walk, this made his mum Sarah even more determined to defy everyone as she wasn’t prepared to give up.  When Lenny didn’t progress with an NHS physio they had to seek further advice.  She scoured the internet to find a private physio for Lenny and came across Kidsphysioworks.

Lenny has been seeing physio Chris Smith for five years, which has made him more mobile than they could have every hoped or wished for.

Lenny has taken independent steps, gone from a walking frame to single sticks (a wheelchair is still needed for long distance).

In 2015 they hit a very low point with Lenny battling his body growth and tightness.

Lenny needed an operation called S.D.R.  This would be a big operation involving an incision at the bottom of his spine, finding the nerve rootlets.  Once having found all of the ‘bad nerves’ they cut them, this can be up to 70% of the nerves.

This would reduce all of the tightness in Lenny’s legs so that he would be able to put his feet flat to floor.  It would also ease the pain in his legs.

The operations could not be funded through the NHS and the cost was £31,500 and the fundraising began in earnest through the Penny for Lenny campaign.

Lenny had his operation in January 2016 and this was a success.

Now he needs physio every other day to enable him to benefit fully from the operation and learn to walk properly.  This will cost £12,000 every year and is not funded through the NHS.

He will also need further operations on his hips and the muscles in his legs as he grows.  Lenny is a very determined young man and is quite a character.

He has said he would like to attend the Golf Day, although he is unable to play at the moment, he will walk into the dinner and thank the golfers and all our sponsors and supporters who are helping him.

This is where we can all help this very special young man who through his determination to walk is an inspiration to us all, so please get honking with Twanky and donate today.



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