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Summer BBQ Essentials You Need

Friday 02nd June 2017

Summer BBQ Essentials You Need

When the British sun finally decides to shine, the first thing that springs to mind is cooking alfresco. The smell of charcoal and burgers linger in the warm air and every evening that the sun’s out, the BBQ comes out. 

Don’t just stick to your usual boring BBQ of a few sausages on a disposable tray BBQ. This year change it up with these fun summer BBQ essentials. From zingy recipes to colourful accessories, it’s all here in our ultimate summer BBQ essentials guide.

The Recipes

Variety is key at a BBQ, especially when you’re catering for different tastes. Whether you have vegetarians, pescatarians or full-on carnivores there’s plenty of options at our shops in The Harvey Centre. Here are a few of our favourites.

Green Herb and Chilli Corn on The Cob

It wouldn’t be a BBQ without some corn on the cob, give it some zest and a kick with this green herb and chilli recipe from Tesco. The fiery butter will be a talking point at the BBQ, all hats off to the chef! 

shutterstock_547605379 Summer BBQ Essentials You Need

Churrasco Boneless Chilli and Lime Beef Ribs

Screen-Shot-2017-06-02-at-18.20.20 Summer BBQ Essentials You Need


Every meat eater loves devouring some deliciously messy ribs at a summer BBQ. The chilli and lime marinade is perfect for those who love their food messy and tasty. Get them from Iceland in The Harvey Centre for just £3.50.




Nathan Outlaw’s Cod Burger with Homemade Tomato Ketchuphcod-burger-Great-Brtish-Chef-TESCO-557fd2eb-ea00-4b91-9a87-88e0b2591560-0-472x310 Summer BBQ Essentials You Need

One for the fish lovers. Whether you’re cooking for pescatarians or you’re simply after a BBQ meal with a twist, these cod burgers are great to try out. Check out Nathan Outlaw’s recipe for Tesco.

The Drinks

We Brits love a drink when the sun is shining. As soon as the warm weather arrives, we all run to the nearest beer garden or get all our friends around for a BBQ. So, when planning your summer soiree don’t forget to plan the drinks menu. Here are some great drinks for your summer BBQ.

Pink Lemonade

SMOOTHIE-PinkLemonade-He-70e8befa-b5e5-4ca6-9b96-5950049b0e57-0-472x310 Summer BBQ Essentials You Need

A refreshing soft drink that is great for those who don’t drink alcohol. However, if you like your drinks a little stronger this is a great mixer to add with your favourite poison of choice. Check out Tesco’s delicious Pink Lemonade recipe.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Now, this is a drink that will take you to holiday heaven. It’s a favourite during the summer month’s and if you can’t be bothered with going to the hassle of chopping the strawberries and whizzing in a blender, Iceland has this ready to drink version for just £1.00.

Screen-Shot-2017-06-02-at-18.28.40 Summer BBQ Essentials You Need

For a list of refreshing summer cocktails, take a look at our blog dedicated to our favourites here.

Fun BBQ Essentials

Whoever decides to take on the challenge of being king or queen of the grill this summer will need some apparatus to work with. Disposable BBQs are handy for a weekend camping trip, but it’s better to invest in a proper BBQ for summer-long events. Here are top picks from around The Harvey Centre.


The Lighting

Every garden needs some lighting because it’s great for creating a mood and setting the ambience of any outdoor space. Most of all by using lighting you can take your garden from a daytime escape to a cool nighttime spot to hang out with friends and family on a warm summer’s evening.
There are plenty of cool lighting options around The Harvey Centre and here are favourites.


The Entertainment

Now a summer BBQ wouldn’t be any fun without some outdoor games to keep everyone entertained, no matter their age. Here are our top picks of summer fun games to have at your BBQ.



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