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Spring Clean Your Home

Monday 09th April 2018

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Despite the recent weather making us feel as though we are stuck in eternal winter, spring is very nearly here and warmer weather is – hopefully – just around the corner. Longer, lighter, brighter days will soon be with us once again which means one thing; it’s time to give your house a Spring Clean!

While it always feels good to give your house a deep clean from top to bottom it can be a bit daunting to know where to start. Your main focus should be on the items that don’t tend to be cleaned that often, everything else such as kitchen worktops and book shelves can be done during your regular cleaning routine.

Here we have collated a little guide to make spring cleaning your house a doddle.


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To ensure your dishes and cutlery come out as clean as possible you need to make sure the appliance that cleans them is as clean as possible. In reality, the filter should be cleaned once a fortnight especially if you live in a hard water area. To give it a deep clean, take out the filter, soak it in warm soapy water then clean with an old toothbrush. Next, use Tesco’s dishwasher cleaner £2, on a hot wash to make it sparkly and spotless.


Handheld-Window-Cleaner-300x300 Spring Clean Your Home

One advantage of this constant dull weather is that it is perfect window cleaning weather. With the sun in hiding, you can tackle the stains that are making your windows look smeared without the worry of the sun drying out your cleaning product before you have had a chance to clean it off. Make this job easier with the Wilko Handheld Window Cleaner with Bottle, £5, which comes with a removable bottle for your cleaner, plus wiper blade and cleaning pad so you can wash, wipe and buff leaving those windows spotless.


karcher-sc1-easyfix-steam-cleaner-300x270 Spring Clean Your Home

Available at Argos for £89.99, the Karcher SC1 EasyFix Steam Cleaner is a multi purpose cleaner great for a multitude of surfaces not just the floor which makes it a great investment for your home. Using just tap water, this amazing product is perfect for cleaning hard floors as well as removing grease and stains from kitchen surfaces and cupboard doors without any scrubbing.


bush-handheld-vacuum-300x270 Spring Clean Your Home

We obviously wash our bedding covers every week but what about the actual comforter and pillows? Ideally they should be washed twice yearly, this will usually need to be done at the dry cleaners but be sure to check the manufacturers wash instructions first. While they are being cleaned it is time to turn attention to your mattress. To give it a good vacuum you could invest in a hand held vacuum cleaner which is not only perfect for a job like this but also for cleaning up crumbs or vacuuming stairs. Argos has an extensive range available to suit every budget from the Bush handheld vacuum cleaner for £21.99 to the Dyson V6 for £219.99.



soda-crystals-300x300 Spring Clean Your Home

We have all heard that limescale can build up in our washing machine filter causing it to suddenly break down and whether you live in a hard water area or not it is vital to give your washing machine a good clean every week to avoid this happening. Luckily, there is a cheap and easy way to do this; soda crystals. A 1kg bag is available at Tesco for just £1 and is great for keeping your washing machine clean and limescale free. On first use put a cupful into the empty drum and in the drawer and then put on a hot wash. Once you have given your machine its initial clean the soda crystals can be added to most washes, it will help brighten your whites, keep clothes fresh and of course, keep your machine clean.


Oven-Pride-300x300 Spring Clean Your Home

It doesn’t take long for grease and food spills to build up and make your oven look years older than it really is. Luckily it doesn’t take much to give it a good clean and get it looking like new again. Use Oven Pride Oven Cleaner, £3, Wilko, to completely transform your oven from a greasy mess to good as new. From the grills and racks to the oven itself this cleaner can completely transform your oven no matter how long you have been neglecting it.


shutterstock_360228707-300x207 Spring Clean Your Home

Walls in the home don’t stay looking fresh for long; whether its scuff marks from shoes or sticky fingerprints family life soon takes its toll on painted walls. This spring why not give those walls a fresh lick of paint? It will make a huge difference by instantly giving a cleaner, brighter appearance. Wilko offer a huge range of paint from well known brands such as Crown to their own extensive range, be sure to start off with the Polycell One Coat Stain Stop, £18.00, to ensure any stains on your walls don’t reappear once covered.


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