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October Marquee Models Events

Friday 31st October 2014

Saturday October 4th – Warhammer 40,000 intro games and bring and battle – 1pm – 4pm – Warhammer 40,000, the tabletop battlegame of the far future, allows you to wage war with armies of Citadel miniatures across miniature battlefields in the ultimate contest of strategy and skill.

Sunday October 5th – Star Wars X-wing tournament – 12.30pm start – This will be a 100 point tournament using the swiss pairing format with prizes. 

Saturday October 11th – Magic Freeplay – 1pm – 4pm – Come down and play games including 1vs1 or multiplayer.  

Sunday October 12th – Magic league – 1pm – 6pm – This will be a tournament using the rules for a Standard format event which can be found on the wizards of the coast website. There are limited spaces for this event and there will be a £7.50 charge. The extra £2.50 charge over our normal £5 tournament will go to prizes for the league. The league will consist of 4 standard events.

Saturday October 18th – Yu-Gi-Oh freeplay and Geargia rampage release event – 10am – 4pm

Sunday October 19th – Magic Khans of Tarkir game day – 1pm – 6pm – Magic Game Day gives you a shot at glory by becoming a local champion! Run in local game and hobby stores around the world a month after a new card set is available in stores, Magic Game Day is a great way to interact with local players and see how the new cards shape the Constructed metagame.

Saturday October 25th – Freeplay tables – 1pm – 4pm – Book our tables and then come down and play the games of your choice.

Sunday October 26th – Cardfight vanguard tournament – 10.30am – 4pm – There will be a few rounds of swiss and then a top 4 or 8 cut depending on players.

Monday October 27th – Freeplay tables – 1pm – 4pm – Book our tables and then come down and play the games of your choice.

Tuesday October 28th – Yu-Gi-Oh tournament – 11am – 4.30pm – Come down and take part in a structured Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. The event will be run using the swiss format with a top 4 or 8 play off. All decks must follow the most current banned and restricted list found on the official Yu-Gi-Oh website. 

Wednesday October 29th – Painting workshop and Airfix make a kit day – 10am start 

Friday October 31st – Zombicide day – 10am – 4pm – As it is Halloween we will be running games of Zombicide all day and other horror themed games.

 Do not forget to book your space, where needed, for full details please visit our website or our FACEBOOK pages. We look forward to seeing all of you – thank you yours Marquee Models


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