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Why You Need To Visit Paradise Wildlife Park

Monday 13th August 2018

Paradise Wildlife Park is a unique zoo filled with wonderful creatures and located in the beautiful Hertfordshire.

There are many different attractions that exist within the park that are sure to spike your interest, and tempt you to visit in order to get the full experience. With so much to do and so much to see, it really is a perfect day out for everyone.

Need some more convincing? Let us take you on a journey and explain why this wildlife park is a place you need to visit.

One Of The UK’s Biggest Dinosaur Exhibitions

Ever wanted to experience the feeling of walking around Jurassic Park?

Well here is the next best thing! Paradise Wildlife Park’s fantastic “World of Dinosaurs” exhibition features life sized animatronic dinosaurs ranging from Velociraptors to the Spinosaurus, and even an appearance by the mighty Tyranosaurus Rex.

If you happen to be a big fan of dinos, then we’re sure you are going to love this great exhibition located in the natural woodland area of the park.

Leading Zoo For Animal Experiences

Screen-Shot-2018-08-13-at-11.15.13-300x228 Why You Need To Visit Paradise Wildlife Park

Paradise Wildlife Park has garnered an excellent reputation for the special animal experiences that they offer.

They pride themselves on offering an experience where guests can get hands on with the animals, allowing them to appreciate and interact with the animals up close in their environment. These experiences include shadowing a keeper in all areas of the park or even feeding the penguins their dinner.

The park also offers overnight “Jungle Sleepovers” that allows you to spend the night around the animals, giving an after-hours guided tour of the park and a Jungle Theatre show. This is perfect for the likes of school trips or a birthday party.

You Can Get Married

Screen-Shot-2018-08-13-at-11.14.43-300x186 Why You Need To Visit Paradise Wildlife Park

Have you ever fancied getting married at the zoo?

At Paradise Wildlife Park, you can visit the Secret Garden area to enjoy a private and exclusive event to tie the knot with your significant other. But if you really wanted to go all in, then you could get married in the park itself, overlooking the Snow Leopard enclosure as you say your vows.

This experience is sure to create a very unique wedding, and there is nothing like a Snow Leopard trying to photo-bomb the wedding pics.

Go On Tour

Screen-Shot-2018-08-13-at-11.16.17-300x241 Why You Need To Visit Paradise Wildlife Park

If you wanted to get a little closer to your favourite animals, you’re in luck as there are a variety of tours for guests to enjoy.

One of the most popular tours at Paradise Wildlife Park happens to be the Big Cat Breakfast Experience. Here you will be able to interact with some of the biggest cats at the zoo, following one of the keepers are as go into detail and provide some interesting facts about the animals.

The raised platform allows you to get a great view of the White Lions, Snow Leopards and Tigers. The tour then ends up a delicious continental breakfast served up at the Tiger Treetops Coffee Retreat.

Zoological Society Of Hertfordshire

The ZSH is a registered charity of Paradise Wildlife Park, who have a passionate team to care for the animals and raise funds to support conservation projects.

They carry out many different projects, from the protection of hedgehogs to red pandas and tigers. The ZSH has a big focus on the conservation of endangered species in their natural habit, and appreciate any donations to the cause.

Animals Talk Throughout The Day

Screen-Shot-2018-08-13-at-11.30.37-300x188 Why You Need To Visit Paradise Wildlife Park

Want to learn more about the animals housed at Paradise Wildlife Park?

They host a variety of knowledgeable animal talks throughout the day where the host discusses and shares a plethora of important and fun facts about the creatures. These talks also include live feedings to show how each animal is fed, providing an entertaining spin on the zoo experience.

Starring animals such as the red pandas, penguins, lemurs and more, there is so much to see and learn during these special and interesting talks.

Wildlife Heritage Foundation

Screen-Shot-2018-08-13-at-11.19.12-300x185 Why You Need To Visit Paradise Wildlife Park

The WHF is another registered charity of Paradise Wildlife Park that is committed to being recognised as the best breeding centre for big cats in Europe.

While not usually open to the general public, they hold annual open days where people can get an up-close look at the fantastic work they are doing. The park organises events such as “Ranger of the Day”, “Photographic Workshops” and “Two Day Luxury African Lodges” to raise money towards the Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

If you’d like to learn more about the conservation work carried out by Paradise Wildlife Park, visit their website.


As you can see, Paradise Wildlife Park is filled to the brim with things to see and do.

It really is a great day out for the whole family where you can learn about all of your favourite animals, including where they are originally from and their eating habits, and get a chance to see them up close.

Its safe to say that anyone looking for a fun-filled, adventurous day needs to take a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park.


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