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Momentous Occasions of 2016

Tuesday 27th December 2016

If you are feeling pretty down about the way 2016 has panned out, then here are a few things that may just cheer you up.

2016 has definitely been a trying year, with the deaths of much-loved icons including David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Prince adding to the blue mood.  It has been dubbed “officially the worst year in the history of the universe” on social media, but now let’s take a look at all of the GREAT stuff that 2016 gave us in our ‘Momentous Occasions of 2016’ list…

 1. Time Peake went to space

shutterstock_241509286-300x200 Momentous Occasions of 2016

The Brit shared his trip with us on twitter as he marvelled at the beauty of the universe. He spent 186 days (that’s 6 months) in space and we loved every moment of it. That could be you one day!


 2. Mary Berry left the GBBO

shutterstock_288424973-300x200 Momentous Occasions of 2016

The cake expert, decided not to join in on the shows move to Channel 4 out of loyalty to the BBC. She will be missed, but we’d be lying if we said we’d stop watching.


3. Pokémon Go

shutterstock_521132380-300x185 Momentous Occasions of 2016

The game craze brought us all outside, excited to catch Pikachu in our gardens.

It got gamer children outdoors, active and taking in the sights. Scientists say it may have even helped prevent type 2 diabetes and could be the solution for the rise of obesity.


4. Planet earth 2 hit our screens

shutterstock_413176471-300x200 Momentous Occasions of 2016

The series took viewers on a journey through jungles, mountains, islands and cities. It’s been vibrant, breathtaking and downright frightening at times. The most expensive documentary ever broadcast, costing £20million and taking five years to make! We doted on cute raccoons and flamingos, and rooted for poor prey to get away.


5. Ice bucket challenge helped find the gene responsible for ALS

shutterstock_495086686-300x225 Momentous Occasions of 2016

The challenge that had the world throw buckets of ice over themselves went viral in 2014. Raising £87.7m it funded a breakthrough discovery; scientists found a gene that linked to ALS which they can now use to develop a gene therapy to treat sufferers – all due to the power of social media.


6. The amazing remake of jungle book

shutterstock_34905622-300x209 Momentous Occasions of 2016

None of us expected it! The timeless story graced our cinemas and brought us back into time. It was youthful and entertaining and had us all saying “ I remember this one” proudly singing along.


7. The Queen celebrated her 90th birthday

shutterstock_396153757-300x200 Momentous Occasions of 2016

We all celebrated and some of us even dressed up our dogs for the occasion! Whether you were perched in front of the TV or fighting for a view in front of Buckingham Palace, we all watched in awe of the adorable royal children, grand children and the Queen’s celebrations of course.


8. Leonardo Dicaprio FINALLY won an Oscar

shutterstock_528282220-300x201 Momentous Occasions of 2016

The Internet went crazy and we felt as if we had all won the battle! Filming The Revenant required him to fight through obstacles and we feared that the worlds beloved actor would leave the Oscars empty handed… But not this time; 2016 was HIS year.

Let us know all the great things that have happened for you in 2016.  Here’s to a happy, healthy 2017.


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