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Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Friday 13th July 2018

Now that we’re in the middle of summer, it’s important that you get your wardrobe ready to embrace the heat and show everyone your style.

But what’s “hot” currently in men’s fashion?

Don’t panic, we’ve decided to break down all of the latest men’s summer fashion trends to help you look great this summer.

Vertical Stripes

Screen-Shot-2018-07-09-at-14.57.09-300x219 Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Vertical stripes on shirts have been jumping back up the popularity scale recently thanks to Armie Hammer’s character in the film “Call Me By Your Name”. The film is drenched in sun and summer vibes and watching it makes you feel like you’re on holiday yourself.

The strips give off a very relaxed vibe, which is perfect for a chilled out, summer lock. These shirts look great with both bomber jackets and field jackets as well.

You can pick up a range of striped shirts like this one from Primark.

Tonal Dressing

Tonal dressing is all about matching correct colours.

For example, taking different shades of the same colour and putting them all into the same outfit is the best way of completing the tonal dressing look. Taking 3 or 4 different shades of blue and matching them together in a single outfit is a great way of pulling off the tonal dressing look.

If you are feeling bold, you could try branching out into bright and pastel colours to match the sunshine.

Side Stripe Trousers

Screen-Shot-2018-07-09-at-14.57.56-300x269 Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Are you ready to take a trip back to the 90’s?

Side stripe trousers can add an athletic look to your style whist also keeping it fashionable. This sporty 90’s look has seen a resurgence in popularity recently, becoming more and more popular each day.

After a pair of these side stripe trousers? Drop by Primark located at The Harvey Centre.

Dad Denim

We know what you may be thinking, but this is not the embarrassing look that you may be imagining.

The “Dad” look is definitely in this summer, with a big focus on denim. You’ll want to grab yourself a pair of loosely fitting jeans that are best described as “comfortable”. Give your legs some room to breathe for once.

In terms of colouring, you should aim for a pallet that is very washed out and devoid of any colours or shades. Going for a relaxed, care free look with your jeans is a very popular look currently.

Technical Jackets

The bomber jackets that you recently purchased still look fantastic, so don’t throw them away. But its time to make way for the technical jacket.

Technical jackets are a perfect choice for a jacket, no matter the weather. These jackets are made from strong and warm materials, representing the perfect blend of functionality and style. They may sound like a silly idea at first, but be sure to check them out before you push them to one side.


Check designs have always been a staple of the male fashion scene, but now the check design is coming to other items of clothing than just shirts.

Blazers have become a huge target for implementing the check design, and we predict that they are going to steal the show this summer. Matching a checked blazer with a pair of checked pants can be a very powerful look, and is sure to turn some heads on the high street.

Tropical Shirts

Screen-Shot-2018-07-09-at-14.58.53-236x300 Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

The tropical design has also seen a bit of a resurgence over the past few months. You’ve surely seen a number of people rocking this look already, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

Tropical shirts give off a very chilled vibe, and brings the holiday fashion sense to the sunny streets of Britain. They can offer a variety of style as well that you may not have thought, available in bright and bold colours or mute and relaxed colours.

Peacocks have a wide array of tropical shirts available, and you can find them all at The Harvey Centre.


Now that you know what’s currently “hot” this summer, are you ready to embrace the sunshine?

Use this guide to build a fashionable and relevant wardrobe that will be sure to make you feel good during the summer. These are just a few examples of some of the fantastic clothes options available at The Harvey Centre.


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