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How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe On Bonfire Night

Tuesday 30th October 2018

shutterstock_477649828-300x169 How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe On Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is nearly upon us and once again people are preparing for the big night with the rapid purchasing of fireworks and all of the accessories that go along with it.

While Bonfire Night is extremely exciting, there are plenty of safety issues that need to be taken into consideration. With so much that could go wrong, it’s always important to put safety first.

You may be able to look after yourself, but these tips will go a long way in making sure your kids and pets are completely safe on this exciting night.

Don’t Build A Bonfire Too High

shutterstock_150422504-300x200 How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe On Bonfire Night

This sounds obvious, but it is absolutely crucial that you keep your bonfire at a respectable height.

The problem with creating a bonfire tower is that the bottom of the tower can burn quickly and can cause it to disintegrate, causing the top of the tower to topple over and potentially hurt someone.

We also recommend keeping your bonfire in a central position that is placed far away from any potential flammable flora or surrounding houses. Nobody other than the fire brigade should be putting out fires on this night.

Keep A Bucket Of Water On Standby

shutterstock_352613162-300x200 How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe On Bonfire Night

If you’ve got a big burning fire close by, it makes sense to have a couple of buckets of water ready to douse the flames.

You can never trust fire to do what you want, and small fires can start in an instant if you’re not careful. In the event of a small fire, a bucket of ice cold water will come in handy and will quickly deal with the flame.

It sounds like common sense, but some people still forget.

Never Go Near A Firework After It Has Been Lit

shutterstock_1043910313-300x200 How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe On Bonfire Night

Fireworks are amazing fun, but they can also be highly dangerous.

Once a firework has been ignited, it has started the countdown to explosion and it is only a matter of seconds before it all goes off. While the build up and tension before it shoots off is exciting, it’s important that kids are aware of how dangerous it is and that they are kept at a safe distance away from the firework.

It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement, but keeping a safe distance is so important.

Do Not Touch A Sparkler Once It’s Gone Out

shutterstock_532554322-300x200 How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe On Bonfire Night

Sparklers are really fun for children to enjoy Bonfire Night as its like them having their own personal firework in their hands.

However, there is still a safety issue that needs to be addressed. Make sure that any child with a sparkler is holding it at arms length in order to keep the sparks away for their faces.

Kids must also know that they are not to touch the sparkler once it’s gone out, as it will still be burning hot and will likely cause pain to anyone touching the end. Once it’s gone out, dip it into cold water to be on the safe side.

Ensure Your Children Are Not Wearing Loose Clothing

shutterstock_539972362-300x200 How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe On Bonfire Night

Wearing items such as scarves and long coats can actually be a dangerous fire hazard for kids who are trying to have a good idea on Bonfire Night.

If the long ends of a scarf or a coat get in the line of a fire then they can easily catch a flame and cause the entire coat to catch on fire very quickly. In order to eliminate any risk of potential fires, make sure any scarfs are carefully tucked into coats or hoods and again, keep your distance.

Keep Pets Indoors

shutterstock_511640707-300x200 How To Keep Kids And Pets Safe On Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night might be a lot of fun for humans, but pets tend to really struggle with this fateful night in November.

We recommend keeping any pets indoors during Bonfire Night, whether you are at home or not. If pets are left to roam the streets, they will more than likely get frightened stiff by the loud bangs and run away.

The loud bangs and crashes of the fireworks has a terrifying effect on pets as they don’t quite understand what is going on, leading them to freak out. In order to reduce the effects of the noise, we recommend keeping them in the most soundproofed room of the house, and away from the windows.

If you know someone who isn’t particularly interested in Bonfire Night, it might be a good idea to ask them to look after the pets during the night and stay with them to calm them down.


If you’ve followed this handy guide, you should be ready to enjoy a very safe Bonfire Night for everyone.

While keeping safety in mind isn’t exactly “fun”, it is absolutely crucial for the wellbeing of everyone around. Don’t be a fool and make sure that you are keeping safe this Bonfire Night.


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