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How To Host The Perfect Halloween Party

Friday 26th October 2018

shutterstock_309592571-300x200 How To Host The Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween is nearly upon us, so it’s only right that we celebrate one of our favourite nights of the year with a party.

This fateful October night is a great excuse to get together with friends and celebrate everything scary, so we’ve decided to help you out by giving our top tips for hosting the perfect Halloween party.

Sort Out The Guest List

shutterstock_562594507-300x200 How To Host The Perfect Halloween Party

A party isn’t exactly a party if nobody shows up, so making a guest list should be one of the first things on your mind.

Once you’ve decided on a date for your spooky celebration, the next item on the agenda is to decide who you want to be there and get some invites sent out. You can either get creative with it and send some fun invites to your friends, or simply put out a message in a group chat.

Either way, you need to let people know that the party is on.

Be Clear About The Dress Code

shutterstock_473038204-300x200 How To Host The Perfect Halloween Party

Have you ever shown up at a party dressed in full fancy dress when no one else is? We have, and it’s not a fun experience.

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up as our favourite characters, but people still need to have confirmation that they are supposed to show up in costume. Just to be sure, we recommend adding fancy dress not optional to the invite.

If you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect Halloween costume, pop in to Everything 4 Party, Stylex and The Party Monster at The Harvey Centre. They’ve all got plenty of spooktastic items for you to choose from.

Don’t Forget About Food & Drinks

shutterstock_306385181-300x200 How To Host The Perfect Halloween Party

You can’t host a party without food and drinks for your guests, so a trip to the shops is next up on the agenda.

The kind of spread that you put out for your Halloween party should be easy and fun, because nobody wants a full 3 course meal. Burgers, hot dogs and crisps are quick and ideal food options that are perfect for the party environment, and easy to people to dip into.

If you wanted to get into the spirit, you could put out some Halloween themed cakes or have a selection of orange coloured drinks like Fanta or WKD.

With all of this food on the menu, you’ll need to get out to the shops – but don’t leave it until the last minute! Waiting until the day of the party has the potential to leave you with very little choice as far as food and drinks goes, and a bag of crisps and one pack of beer isn’t going to last very long at a party.

Eliminate any need for stress and head down to the shops a couple of days in advance, and be sure to pick up a variety of different drinks for your guests. Everyone’s tastes are different, so play it safe and give a few options.

If you’re looking for some fantastic deals on some tasty snacks, head over to Tesco or Iceland located here at The Harvey Centre.

Make Things Easier For Yourself

Nobody really wants to clean up after a party, and waking up to a house full of mess is something that definitely needs to be avoided.

Paper cups and plates will prove to be a life saver for any party, and a Halloween bash is no different. Providing disposable cups and plates for your guests will make the cleaning up process so much easier, and eliminates any risk of smashed glasses or plates.

Accidents can happen when people have had a couple of drinks, so be safe and practical. Don’t forget to recycle as well, be good to the planet.

Sort Out Some Spooky Tunes

shutterstock_500482567-300x210 How To Host The Perfect Halloween Party

Music can be perfect for background ambience, so assembling a killer playlist for the night is essential.

A night filled with some great music is sure to be a good one, and getting all of your friends to suggest song ideas will be sure to spark some singalongs later in the evening. Also, it would be almost criminal to throw a Halloween party without playing “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, and then attempting a bad recreation of the iconic music video.

If you’re looking for some great tunes, HMV at The Harvey Centre has a huge variety of different compilations filled with plenty of spooky tunes.

Get Creative With Decorating

shutterstock_1180610101-300x200 How To Host The Perfect Halloween Party

One of the last things needed to put the finishing touches on a great Halloween themed party is to give your home a scary makeover.

Pumpkins, candles, spider webs and a couple of skeletons will provide the perfect backdrop for a scary night, and can all be picked up for reasonably cheap. Now is the time to let your creativity show and turn your home into your very own Haunted House.

A nice touch might be to put on some classic horror films in the background, or screen a couple of Halloween classics later in the evening. Be sure to get the popcorn ready and be prepared to hide behind the pillow.


If you’ve followed this list, you should have all of the tools to throw a fantastic Halloween party for your guests.

As we’ve stated throughout the article, you can find everything you need to host a great party located right here at The Harvey Centre.


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