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How To Host A Great BBQ

Friday 25th May 2018

Summer is almost upon us and that can only mean one thing – BBQ season.

Now that we’re (hopefully) in for a bit of sunshine, its time to start planning the BBQs and getting the food in. But what exactly does it take to host a great BBQ?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Be Prepared Early

shutterstock_1086784436 How To Host A Great BBQ

One of the key elements to hosting a classic BBQ is to be prepared in advance. One of the things you can do to prepare yourself is to actually invest in a high quality BBQ grill.

As handy as they are, disposable BBQs are not ideal when you’re cooking for more than a few people. Whenever we see even a glimmer of sunshine, the general public floods to the shops to grab any disposable BBQs they can get their hands on. This is when investing in a good BBQ grill will come in handy.

Having your own BBQ grill on hand will not only allow you to use it again and again, but it will cook food more evenly and will allow you to prepare a tasty feast for more people.

You can find a range of fantastic BBQ equipment at Wilko at The Harvey Centre.

Provide A Good Selection Of Food & Drinks

shutterstock_1097538338 How To Host A Great BBQ

The selection of food and drink at a BBQ is key to the success of the night, so you’re going to need to get it right.

We’ve all got different tastes when it comes to food, so you’ll need to accommodate for everyone. As cool as it makes you look, nobody wants to eat your fancy spicy burgers. Providing simple and easy food is a sure fire way of ensuring that your guests don’t go hungry.

Burgers, sausages and pieces of chicken are all welcome additions to the grill, and providing some salad and pasta on the side is likely to go down a treat. If you know you’ve got any vegetarian or vegan guests attending, then make sure you’re prepared some options for them.

No one should be left hungry!

When it comes to providing drinks, supplying your guests with beer, cider and wine is always a good idea. Soft drinks such as coke and lemonade are also important for the kids and any non-drinkers. It’s not a bad idea to fill a bucket full of ice and store your drinks in there to keep them cold.

Keep them cool for the optimum drinking experience. If it’s sunny, you’re going to appreciate that cold drink.

You can find all of the food and drink you need for a successful BBQ at Tesco and Iceland, located at The Harvey Centre.

Don’t Forget About The Music

shutterstock_1063299287 How To Host A Great BBQ

A good soundtrack is essential to keeping the party fun, so you’re going to need an arsenal of good tunes.

You don’t want to be that guy who is constantly around the speakers changing the song, so prepare a varied playlist in advance to save any hassle on the day. Playing music in the background at a BBQ makes for a great backdrop and gives guests the chance to dance if they fancy it.

A word of advice – save “Mr. Brightside” for later in the night if you want to get your guests dancing.

You can find a huge variety of CDs and bluetooth speakers at HMV at The Harvey Centre.

Is There Enough Seating?

shutterstock_1098430811-1 How To Host A Great BBQ

If you’ve got guests over, you can’t expect them to stay on their feet all night.

Benches, garden seating or even fold up chairs are all perfect to dot around the garden and give your guests a place to eat the tasty food you’ve just cooked up for them. Plus we imagine you’ll want to sit down after standing over a hot BBQ for a few hours and we all get a bit tired after having a few drinks in the sunshine.

Make It Easier For Yourself

As a host, it is your job to keep everyone fed and entertained – so you don’t really want to spend most of the night in the kitchen washing up everyone’s dishes.

Using disposable plates, cups and cutlery will eliminate the need for any washing up to be done and you only have to worry about the BBQ grill (but you can leave that until the next morning). You should have a couple of bin bags dotted around the garden so guests have a place to dispose of their finished plates.

Invite People

shutterstock_1096671983 How To Host A Great BBQ

This probably sounds a little bit obvious, but it’s important to actually invite people to your BBQ.

Planning in advance is important here, so setting a date and time for BBQ in advance is essential for getting your guests to come. Inviting people on the day is a recipe for disaster, as by the time you text them they’ll already be at the nearest beer garden of hosting a BBQ of their own.

If you know that we’re in for a bit of nice weather, contact people in advance and let them know you’ll be hosting an event and you want them to come. By doing this, people can get it in their diaries and you’re guaranteed to get a good turnout.


If you’ve followed these tips, then you should be ready to throw an instant classic of a BBQ for your friends and family.

Got any tips of your own for throwing a great night? Be sure to let us know!


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