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Health & Fitness Trends 2018

Monday 15th January 2018

The festive period is well and truly over and after all of that indulgence most of us are now back in the gym and detoxing to rid our bodies of those Christmas sins. That being said, recent reports advise that we as a nation are actually exercising and watching what we eat more than ever before.

With that in mind we thought we would look ahead at what fitness trends people will be partaking in over the next twelve months as well as what the health conscious will be eating too. So if you fancy trying something new to get in shape this year or following a different method of healthy eating then why not try one of these…


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This one is fast becoming the new ‘HIIT’ for those of us who can’t keep up with the popular fast paced, sweat inducing blasts of exercise. This latest trend sees you slowing the pace right down so think going for a gentle jog or swim. 

Now of course these types of exercise aren’t new but are gaining popularity again especially with the older generation or people who have acquired an injury by pushing themselves too far.


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Many of us will switch carb heavy meals for lighter, healthier alternatives this year, think non potato crisps made with root vegetables or gluten free and even vegetable breads. You could also try swapping mashed potato for cauliflower mash or spaghetti for courgetti. If you’re stuck for time or ideas, Tesco stock readymade pots of cauliflower cous cous and courgette spaghetti ready for you to pick up and try. They only take minutes to cook too!


shutterstock_160792043-300x200 Health & Fitness Trends 2018

Five years ago the free weights area of the gym was mainly male dominated but not anymore thanks to social media. Weight training has become increasingly popular with women and that will continue into 2018. Female weight trainers love the transformation it makes to their shape and physique as well as the increase in strength and fitness. The Xercise4Less gym says glutes in particular are a favourite area for women to work out either on the leg press or by doing squats or hip thrusts.

Throughout January you can trial the Xercise4less gym for free with a complimentary pass. Register HERE to do so. 


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Over half a million people in the UK are now following a vegan lifestyle and opting for plant based foods such as pulses, beans, vegetables and dairy alternatives such as almond milk. Having meat free dinners a couple of times a week can benefit your health so why not try cooking a vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese this week and swapping beef mince for Quorn mince which is currently on offer in Iceland at £1.39 for 500g reduced from £2.79.


shutterstock_263675081-300x200 Health & Fitness Trends 2018

Men attending pilates classes is on the rise thanks to public figures such as Andy Murray advocating its benefits. A lot of men are also finding that not only does it improve fitness and muscle definition but it is also a great way of strengthening and healing many ailments such as back issues.


shutterstock_630252287-300x200 Health & Fitness Trends 2018

With a lot more people becoming increasingly interested in their health and careful about what they put into their body; many are opting to either cut down on alcohol or even cut it out completely. Because of this there are more interesting alternatives becoming available whether it is tonic water with various flavours, easy to make mocktail recipes or alcohol free versions of your favourite beers, ciders and wines.


shutterstock_231351523-300x200 Health & Fitness Trends 2018

2017 saw a rise in women partaking in boxing and it seems that trend will continue to grow in 2018. Women are not only enjoying the strength and fitness benefits but also how powerful it makes them feel. There are plenty of options to get you started in this sport too from Boxercise to personal one on one training. You could even give it a go at home; Reebok boxing mitts are now reduced from £24.99 to £16.99 at Argos and Everlast boxing gloves start at £24.99.


shutterstock_708811612-300x200 Health & Fitness Trends 2018

Another big trend for healthy eating in 2018 will be trying to eat as much protein as possible whether it is eggs for breakfast and turkey steaks for dinner or if you wanting to eat a more plant based diet then foods such as quinoa and tofu.

Also look out for a rise in Indoor Rowing classes which are increasing in popularity and are similar to Spin classes as well as more fermented foods being consumed, pet-sercise classes where your gym buddy can be your furry friend (yes really, this is already a thing in London) and the popularity of gadgets and fitness apps continuing to grow.

The next 8 week Transformation camp starts on Monday 5th February at Xercise4Less and consists of 3 sessions a week, weekly weigh ins and PT advice all for an introductory offer of £100 which equates to less than £4.20 per session. For more information visit the website HERE.


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