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Guest post by MP Robert Halfon: The Harvey Centre’s 35th Anniversary

Wednesday 26th April 2017

A guest blog post by MP Robert Halfon…

This year, Harlow is turning 70 whilst our fantastic The Harvey Centre is celebrating its 35th Birthday.

Though a large town, we have the community spirit of a village. Everyone knows each other and we pull together, both when it is needed and when it is not. We are entrepreneurial, hard-working, family focused – normal people that don’t make newspaper headlines but just want to make our town and the world a better place.

The Harvey Centre marks the geographical and social centre of our town as the place for shopping, eating and entertainment.

My family owned the John Walton clothes shop in our town centre from the 50s to the 80s, where the Citizens Advice Bureau has now found its home. I moved to Harlow myself in 1999 and I have never felt more at home anywhere else. During my time here, it has been wonderful to watch The Harvey Centre grow and transform.

Over these many years, I have spent a lot of time there opening businesses like Vision Express and Creams Cafe, holding constituency surgeries in Rose Opticians and just enjoying some rare free time for a coffee and some shopping on Saturday morning when I’m lucky!

DSC_2793 Guest post by MP Robert Halfon: The Harvey Centre's 35th AnniversaryIt’s really wonderful to see The Harvey Centre’s most recent updates. Starbucks’ shiny new shop front is only the beginning of the transformation of Broadwalk and the impressive new Cineworld is the start of a fantastic new evening economy for our town centre too. It is being accompanied by a growing number of restaurants and attracting many more families and friends into Harlow for the evening.

Harlow has such an exciting future, not just for The Harvey Centre but for the whole town. I have been working hard as MP to secure as much Government funding for our town as possible and I’m excited for everything we have achieved in recent years and how much we still have to look forward to.

Just last month, I was honoured to open Harlow College‘s fantastic new Advanced Manufacturing Centre, built with £2.8M Government investment to provide students with high-quality skills and apprenticeships. We’ve also seen the development of an Enterprise Zone which has seen a constant flow of business, jobs and apprenticeships coming back to our town and still continues to grow.

  • I’ve worked hard as our town’s MP to help us build an even better Harlow and we have lots more transformational changes to look forward to in the coming years, including:
  • £500M Government investment to relocate the labs of Public Health England to Harlow which will soon be bringing 10,000 jobs and making our town the science health capital of the world.
  • £500K Government investment to support the delivery of 8,500 new homes just north of Harlow to provide much needed affordable housing for our young people.
  • £19M Government investment to upgrade our roads and infrastructure, giving us the new motorway junction we desperately need to reduce traffic in our town.

When Harlow was built 70 years ago, it transformed the lives of thousands of people. We are a place of aspiration, opportunity and achievement. Now, as we celebrate the anniversary of our town, we have the potential to do the same again. The Harvey Centre is helping to transform our town centre and there is much more still to come. This is Harlow’s renaissance.

Screen-Shot-2017-04-25-at-16.00.41 Guest post by MP Robert Halfon: The Harvey Centre's 35th AnniversaryRobert Halfon MP
Working hard for Harlow, Hastingwood, Matching, Nazeing, Roydon and Sheering
Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills

  •  Building an Even Better Harlow
  •  Championing Apprenticeships and Education
  •  Cherishing our Villages
  •  Cutting the Cost of Living
  •  Protecting our NHS


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