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Get Your Super On!

Monday 22nd July 2019

HC028-Superhero_Web-Image_850x500px Get Your Super On!11am – 4pm, Saturday 31st August & Sunday 1st September 2019

Join us for 2 days of FREE arty, crafty, action-packed, selfie-tastic, superhero-themed fun! Meet our special superhero guests, and transform yourself into a real life superhero at our training academy.

For one weekend only a special Superhero HQ will be set up on the mall, complete with skyscraper archway, superhero backdrop for photos and the all-essential training academy to put wannabe crime fighters through their paces.

Our team of face painters will help to transform them into their superhero of choice, while the Boom-Booth offers the opportunity for them to dress up in a variety of superhero costumes, discover their inner super-powers and pose for photos.

Superheroes and comic strips go together like Batman and Robin, so on Saturday, we’ll channel your wannabe hero’s imagination and help them create a comic book strip of their own. There will also be the chance to meet SPIDERMAN!

True superheroes have an element of modesty and mystery, which is where the mask comes in!
On Sunday we’ll help them design and make their very own mask to hide their true identity from the baddies of Harlow! They’ll also have the chance to meet IRON MAN!

Superheroes GO! KAPOW!


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