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How To Get Organised This Year

Wednesday 11th January 2017

We all know that at the beginning of the year, we start off with great intentions to get fit, be more organised, eat healthy and so on, but in reality, these expectations are sometimes a little too high. Our homes and bank accounts have just about managed to get through the festivities and we have so many things to do. Here are 5 bite size chunks on how to get organised this year which will help rejuvenate you, your home and your life!


Financial Organisation

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One thing that I think is great is financial organisation; opening new accounts and splitting up your money is the 1st step. There are so many different ways to save; opt for traditional piggy banks or why not look for a savings chart online where you put a certain amount away each month and by the Summer/end of the year, there’s a lovely pot of money waiting for you; perhaps a holiday, shopping spree or a special Christmas present to yourself.


De-clutter that Wardrobe

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Another thing we can all do more of is wardrobe organisation – de-cluttering can be so therapeutic. You can sell your unwanted things on ebay, Depop and even Facebook, or take them to your local charity shop. Pop your Summer clothes in a box under the bed to keep your wardrobe simple and clutter free to easily navigate through, with items you’ll actually wear.


Prep Sunday

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Stocking up your kitchen cupboards and freezer after the festive invasion is just what you need to avoid overspending on food during the week. Meal prepping on Sundays are perfect for those winter nights arriving home from work and just wanting to cosy up with a bowl of homemade stew. We all need our creature comforts from time to time.


Vary that Calendar

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Diary planning is also a great way to stay on track. Setting weekly goals and daily to-do lists (small and big tasks) that you can tick off, not only keep us proactive, it’s also fulfilling to see all of the things we’ve accomplished. Having a mixed calendar with social dates, work deadlines or bill payments are also a great way to avoid overspending and making commitments that we can’t keep.


Don’t Forget about YOU!

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Treat yourself by giving back to you. Sticking to all of the above will be so much more fun if you do something nice for yourself in return. Scheduling in some you time is great encouragement, maybe a monthly pamper session or taking up a new hobby like yoga which not only get’s you fit but also boosts your feel good emotions!


Rather than seeing these as more resolutions, try and see them as new habits that will make your life so much easier. It’s a continuous process so perfecting everything won’t happen over night, but when December 31st comes back around, those expensive pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on will be well deserved. Happy organised New Year!






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