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Enjoy A Family Day In Harlow

Tuesday 10th July 2018

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Keeping the family entertained can be a difficult task! Keeping the kids active, having fun and ultimately everyone getting along can prove to be a difficult task.


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Start your morning right by heading to the Harvey Centre and grabbing a much needed coffee from BB’s Coffee and Muffins. Choose from a delicious selection of beverages for both the parents and some refreshing juices for the kids.

Mid Morning Entertainment

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Once you’re fuelled up, it’s time to get the kids excited by taking them to Cineworld to see the latest blockbusters they have been eyeing up with their Movies for Juniors! It features six state-of-the-art screens showing the latest releases as well as a Baskin Robbins counter to satisfy both the kids and your sweet tooth needs. It’s the perfect place to relax, unwind and keep both yourself and the kids entertained.


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After the movie finishes, the kids will be feeling a little tired and hungry. It’s time to take a trip to the Burger King located in the Terrace on the first floor on the centre. Burger King is the perfect place to get quick, cheap and delicious meals that will keep the kids happy and will satify both yourself and your partner.

Afternoon Entertainment

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When you all are full, it’s time to get the kids moving as they’ll have a new burst of energy. This is where it’s perfect to take them to Glo Crazy, Essex’s very own indoor Ultraviolet Crazy Golf Course! With 12 holes including several twists and turns, it’s an experience that will entertain both yourself and the kids!

If golf isn’t your thing and you are looking for something a bit more fast paced, Quasar Harlow is the place to go! Located in the same area as Glo Crazy, it’s the largest Quasar laser tagging arena in the UK. With up to 60 people that can play at the same time, you won’t want the day to end! It will definitely bring out the family competitive spirit to win against your competition!

Early Evening

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As it draws later in the afternoon and the entertainment is finished, it’s time to get the kids some great entertainment for a chilled out evening. What better place to visit than HMV and Game for the latest DVD and Game releases. You and your other half can also look for some great movies and music onces the kids are asleep so you can have some quality time together!


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