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Events this July at Marquee Models

Wednesday 24th June 2015

Saturday July 4th – Cardfight Vanguard sneak peek – 1pm – 4pm – We will be running a CFV sneak peek tournament.

Sunday July 5th – Star Trek attack wing organised play – 12.30pm start.

Saturday July 11th – Magic Origins pre release – 1pm – 6pm.

Sunday July 12th – Magic Origins pre release – 1pm – 6pm. 

Saturday July 18th – Flames of war intro games and free tables – 1pm – 4pm. 

Sunday July 19th – Magic Origins release event / League week 1 – 1pm – 6pm 

Saturday July 25th – Magic / Dicemasters casual – 1pm – 4pm – Come down and play some causal games of Magic and / or Dicemasters.

Sunday July 26th – Star Wars Imperial assault tournament – 12.30pm start – 40 points / 15 point card deck. 

Remember to check space – first come first booked – some activities may require payment check out our website or facebook page for full details.


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