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Engagement Rings For Every Budget

Monday 26th December 2016

Finding the perfect ring is like a minefield and is unique to each person so we’ve made it a bit easier for you, as we take a look at engagement rings for every budget. This isn’t like any other piece of jewellery you have bought for past Christmas’, Birthdays or Valentines’. This is the ring that is supposed to hold out until death do you part, so choose wisely.

F.-Hinds-Harlow-Alyson-Meek-Mark-Rapley-Councillor-Edna-Stevens-Andrew-Hinds-Poppy-Hinds-L-R-150x150 Engagement Rings For Every BudgetThe options really are endless. Whether it’s a huge sparkling rock, a subtle band or a colourful gem stone, every girl has dreamed about how they envisioned their engagement ring to look since she was playing weddings with her barbie and ken doll. Don’t let this worry you though, the majority of dream rings go out of the window as soon as the receiver sees what her man has picked out for her. There’s something more romantic about the thought that has gone into choosing the ring without any help. Last week, Mark and Alyson helped celebrate the official opening of F. Hinds’ 119th store here in The Harvey Centre. Read their story here.

Although we can’t help you decide on the style you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on, we can help by showing you that you don’t have to blow a few months salary on some precious metal. There are plenty of engagement rings for every budget. Allow us to show you some classic timeless pieces that will make her want to say yes!

Now you’ve chosen the perfect ring, it’s time to get down on one knee and convince your partner to spend their life with you. We’ll leave that one to you…

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