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How To Eat Well On A Budget

Thursday 30th August 2018

shutterstock_716625154-300x200 How To Eat Well On A Budget

Here at The Harvey Centre, we’ve got a passion for food.

With a wide range of fantastic restaurants and some great supermarkets, we like to provide our customers with a lot of options. But we understand that as tempting as it may be, eating takeaway every night is not exactly the cheapest option (nor the healthiest).

With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a look at a few different ways you can make your money go further when carrying out your weekly shop.

Make A Shopping List

shutterstock_297263261-300x200 How To Eat Well On A Budget

One thing that we’re sure a lot of us have done in the past is to walk into a shop and throw whatever we like the look of into the trolley instead of thinking about what we’re actually going to eat.

The temptation of grabbing whatever looks tastiest is hard to deny, but you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of money by making a shopping list of things you actually need in advance. How many times have you been shocked by the price tag presented to you after everything has been scanned?

Planning your weekly meals and making a list of specific ingredients needed to cook them is an effective way of making sure you are only buying what you need, rather than what you want.

We also recommend you don’t shop whilst your hungry, or it’ll be your wallet that takes the damage.

Portion Control

shutterstock_516262243-300x200 How To Eat Well On A Budget

We’ve been known for having eyes bigger than our stomachs from time to time, and the result of this is food that goes to waste simply because we couldn’t finish it.

This is where portion control comes in, and it could help you stretch your money a little further. Taking the time to figure out the right amount of food needed to fill you up instead of cooking up a feast will mean you use less, allowing you to use the remains for another meal.

Don’t get greedy, and cook for the appropriate amount of people.

Opt For Cheaper Brands

shutterstock_1064793941-300x200 How To Eat Well On A Budget

There is often a stigma surrounding own brand or cheaper products, but many people can’t even tell the difference.

You’d be surprised by how much money you could save by buying own brand products instead of branded ones, with the cheaper ones often being a fraction of the price. Supermarkets such as Tesco and Iceland have made an effort to produce own brand products that taste just as nice as the more expensive brands, and provide a more affordable alternative.

Some products may not be to your liking, but it’s definitely worth trying the alternatives to find ones you like. Who knows, you may even end up liking the own brand product more!

Freeze Your Bread

shutterstock_507436828-300x200 How To Eat Well On A Budget

If you’ve never done it before, freezing your bread may sound like a crazy idea. However, you’d be shocked by how far you can make a loaf go thanks to freezing.

After being open for a few days, bread usually goes stale and can even go mouldy. This is not ideal if you’ve only had a couple of slices, and makes for a big waste of food.

Freezing the bread in tight freezer bags whilst its nice and fresh will keep that freshness in, and make it just as enjoyable days later.

Use Everything

shutterstock_234670666-300x200 How To Eat Well On A Budget

When reaching the end of the week, we often go out and buy more food to re-stock our cupboards and the leftovers get pushed to the bottom of the freezer.

But gathering all of these leftovers bits from the last week or so can provide you with another meal or two, and can make for some interesting combinations.

A “use up” tea can be a delicious and cost effective way of ending the week, so why don’t you give it a try?

Research Cheap Recipes

shutterstock_590217677-300x200 How To Eat Well On A Budget

Finding recipes to make on a budget is an obvious way to save a few pennies, and you could even discover your new favourite meal.

A quick Google search for cheap recipes will present you with a wide range of options, and there really is something for everyone. Finding recipes that use ingredients that are available at a low cost allows you to try some new foods and discover some great flavours without breaking the bank.

Have you got any particularly good cheap recipes to share?

Look Out For Deals

shutterstock_1038052579-300x200 How To Eat Well On A Budget

Lastly, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled for great deals when out shopping and making use of any special offers you see.

Making use of offers such as “buy one, get one free” and stockpiling items that have a long shelf life will end up saving you money in the long run. You can usually find some good offers on the ends of the isles, and most shops will usually be running a range of money saving deals at any one time.

You can often find some great reduced items if you like to shop later in the evening as well, so don’t be afraid to check out the reduced section.


These are just a couple of ways to help save a few pennies, and enjoy some new tasty meals. Have you got any other great tips for making your money go further when shopping for food? Be sure to let us know, we’d love to hear your ideas!

If you’re looking to pick up some fantastic food at affordable prices, be sure to check out Tesco and Iceland at The Harvey Centre.


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