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Date Night Ideas

Friday 10th February 2017

Many of us struggle to fit in date nights amongst our busy schedules and when we do finally have a spare moment it can be so difficult to choose where to go. Gone are the days when a date only meant getting all dressed up and having a candle lit dinner; what about date nights at home, on a budget or simply having fun. Here are 41 unbeatable date night ideas you may not have thought of!


Romantic Date Ideas

  1. A Luxury getaway to That Amazing Place
    Nestled away in the outskirts of Harlow, That amazing Place is the perfect place to relax and spend quality time with your partner.

    Screen-Shot-2017-02-10-at-13.08.29-300x220 Date Night Ideas

  1. Get all dressed up for a dinner date
    Try out a local restaurant such as Coho, Miller and Carter, Marco’s Italian and Garden of India
  1. A Day stroll
    If the weather permits, have a walk and talk through the beautiful Gibbard Garden
  1. Couples relaxing spa day

    shutterstock_252553801-300x200 Date Night Ideas

  2. A second first date
    Recreate your first date, was it a special dinner date or a movie that you went to see.
  1. Go out shopping together and pick out a surprise gift for each other
  2. Drive through cinema


At Home Date Ideas

  1. Game night!
    Board games, even cards against humanity would be fun and of course some treats

    shutterstock_520109956-300x225 Date Night Ideas

  1. Come dine with me
    Each of you has a surprise course to make for dinner
  1. Turn your dining room into a dining destination
  1. Home movie night
    Back to back movies on Netflix, with popcorn and snacks- perfect

    shutterstock_331054796-300x200 Date Night Ideas

  1. TV series marathon
  2. Home spa
    Candles, bubble bath, facials & massages. You could even buy white robs and towels to make it official
  1. Read a new book together
    Relax on the sofa & listen to each other tell a story
  1. A themed dinner and movie night at home
    Perhaps an Indian take-away and Bollywood movie at home


Fun Date Ideas

  1. Cinema date
    Cineworld at The Harvey Centre is guaranteed to have some great movies, especially with Valentines day approaching.
  1. Watch a comedy or musical at the Harlow Playhouse
  2. Go karting!
    Get competitive at Rye House Kart Circuit

    shutterstock_367600379-300x200 Date Night Ideas

  1. Go to a Jazz club
  2. A burlesque show with dinner in the city
  3. Rock climbing at The Lock Climbing Wall in Harlow
  4. Arcade like old times
  1. Bowling night

    shutterstock_229208440-300x200 Date Night Ideas

  2. Mini golf
  3. Bingo
    Yes! You could win something if you’re lucky and have a few drinks while you’re at it.
  1. Karaoke night
    We all love a good sing along, especially to songs that take us back
  1. Ice skating
    Romantic & fun, find a local ice rink and get gliding
  1. Music Concert
  1. Have a themed night
    Pick a theme such as Mexican; have a Mexican dinner and maybe take a salsa class together

    shutterstock_555223732-300x199 Date Night Ideas

  1. Cocktail making class
  2. Wine tasting
  3. Arts class
  4. Try a new sport together, dance or gym class
  5. Restaurant hop
    Have a different course at each restaurant, that way you can try new menus out
  1. Drinks with no designated driver
    Get a Taxi home so that you can both have a good time
  1. Visit the zoo or aquarium

    shutterstock_194059064-300x199 Date Night Ideas

  2. Be a tourist in your own city
    Spend the day/night visiting tourist attractions- taking cheesy selfies


Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Bike riding
    Stop off at a coffee shop for a bite to eat and take in the scenery of Harlow Town Park or wonder in the pet’s corner

    shutterstock_572688409-300x225 Date Night Ideas

  1. Visit The Museum of Harlow together
  2. Picnic (again. if the weather permits)

    shutterstock_413329006-300x200 Date Night Ideas

  3. Coupon deals

There are so many online for restaurants, activities and hotel stays. Keep an eye out because they do go fast.

Now you have 41 things to do, which will you do first?


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