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The Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

Thursday 06th September 2018

shutterstock_573938215-300x200 The Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

For us, there is no better feeling than browsing through a range of shops and finding some fantastic deals on some great items. But some people choose to order everything on their phones instead of visiting the shops like they used to.

With the rise of online shopping, is there still a need to shop in-store? We may sound biased, but there is actually a lot of benefits that comes with physically going into a store.

Still need a little convincing? Keep reading.

Does It Fit?

shutterstock_189552224-300x200 The Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

Browsing online stores can be great for finding new pieces of clothing that you want, but there is no guarantee that it is going to fit.

How many times have you ordered the perfect dress or jacket, only to realise that it fits horribly when it finally arrives? Going into a store to find clothes allows you to try the items on there and then and get a feel for whether or not it fits and/or suits you.

In doing this, you can also check the quality of the materials used. When ordering something online, it’s almost impossible to predict the quality of an item, especially if you’ve got it for a cheap price.

Being able to hold the item in your hands and make an educated guess on the quality will make the purchase a much easier decision, and you won’t be met by any surprises.

No Waiting

shutterstock_524159932-300x200 The Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

Even with next day delivery, ordering online means that you’re going to have to wait for the item you’ve just purchased.

With in-store shopping, you can enjoy the process of picking up an item and buying it straight away, meaning no waiting and no risk of it getting lost in the post. When ordering online, the box will sometimes get damaged in transit and could end up effecting the quality of the item, but this fear is non-existent when buying from a shop.

People can also often forget about the postage fees that comes with buying things online, and it’s normally not very cheap. You may have found a great deal on something, but then you’re faced with a hefty postage price and it’s not exactly a bargain anymore.

Buying in store eliminates any need for postage as you can physically pick up the item right there, so say goodbye to damaged goods.

Grab Yourself A Bargain

shutterstock_259339190-300x200 The Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

You’d be surprised by the amount of fantastic offers and deals you can find by actually going into a shop.

With the likes of sales and special deals, there is always a bargain to be found by dropping into a store and browsing for yourself.

You can often find certain items that are actually cheaper than the online price, which is always a positive. Who doesn’t want to save a few pennies here and there?

Fun With Friends

shutterstock_643697224-300x200 The Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

Shopping can be a great social event, and is perfect for spending some quality time with friends.

Meeting up with mates for a coffee and a spot of shopping is always going to be a fun time. Being able to catch up whilst browsing the shops is a two for one deal, and they might be able to tempt you to finally get that item you’ve been on the fence about for ages.

Gets You Out Of The House

shutterstock_246998653-300x200 The Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

As tempting as it might be to lounge about on the sofa ordering away, getting out in the fresh air is a much better feeling.

Getting up and going out gets the body moving, and walking around the shops is actually a good workout for your legs. A bit of fresh air and some exercise is never a bad thing.

On top of this, you get to talk and converse with other human beings – an idea that feels lost these days. Being able to talk to shop assistants will help you find exactly what you are looking for, and they can provide some great recommendations that you normally wouldn’t have known about.

In an age where everybody is glued to their phones, isn’t it nice to have some interaction with other humans?

Helping Out Local Businesses

shutterstock_554327782-300x200 The Benefits Of In-Store Shopping

By choosing to shop in-store instead of online, you’re actually supporting local businesses and helping the community.

With the rise of sites like Amazon over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of stores going out of business and closing down. While online shopping may sometimes be convenient, it’s doing a lot of damage to other stores.

Without the support of in-store shoppers, we would see even more shops closing down and therefore creating an empty high street. Having empty shops all over town creates an abandoned or deserted feeling, and no one wants to live in a place like that.

Purchasing items from local stores will help to keep these places in business, and will help to keep jobs going throughout the community.


And that’s our list! These are just a couple of reasons why in-store shopping is the way to go, and the benefits of going into a shop as opposed to ordering online.

If you’re looking for a fantastic place to shop with a wide range of stores and delicious restaurants, be sure to check out The Harvey Centre for all of your shopping needs.


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