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Beauty Disasters

Monday 28th November 2016

When beauty goes wrong. We’ve all been there; trying to follow the latest beauty trend that we’ve seen our favourite celeb perfect, but instead, experienced an epic beauty fail.

Lets take a trip down memory lane with those beauty disasters I’m sure every girl has been through.

When your lip liner makes you look like the joker

With Kylie Jenner’s lips getting bigger by the second, it has made the whole world go crazy for a fuller lip. Ladies, if you’re going to go down the au-natural route of achieving fullness, make sure you don’t make the mistake of overdoing it with your lipliner and looking more like the Joker in Batman than King Kylie.

The era of the foundation lip

Any girl who grew up in the noughties would have fallen victim of this trend. Cake your lips in foundation?  The more pale they were the better? Looking back now, what on earth were we thinking? This trend definitely screamed more zombie than pretty!

The time you copied Christina Aguilera

Ah the chunky streak hair trend. You have the likes of Xtina, Britney and Avril to thank for this beauty faux pas. Hairdressers were inundated with young girls (you and me being one of them) requesting them to add chunky blocks of streaks to their manes. Thank god for the more natural tones of 2016.

Bad Contouring

Since Kimmy K started rocking super contoured makeup in 2015, we’ve seen this trend spread fast. We’ve all tried it but not all have succeeded. From the bad blending to your highlighter getting mixed up with your foundation. It can just become one big mess for the non-professional like you and I.

The Bold Brow

When Cara Delevingne stepped onto the scene, the beauty world went crazy for a bold brow. A hard look to achieve successfully if you just weren’t blessed with naturally bushy brows. Put the eyebrow pencil down and listen; don’t colour your brows in with a dark pencil, you will look more like Charlie from Busted than Cara.

Wishing For Olive Skin

Making the mistake of trying to look more tanned by going one shade darker in your foundation colour. This never works. Instead you’re left looking like you’re wearing a mask, when it isn’t even Halloween. Stick to your natural shade and all will be fine.

Tan Disaster

Every girl has been through this beauty disaster; looking for a beautiful sun kissed glow like Jessica Alba but turned out like David Dickenson. So much can go wrong with fake tan; the unwelcome streaky lines to where you forgot to cover to white hands and tanned arms. We’ve all been there. Ross from Friends springs to mind – you know what we mean.

Corn Rows

The time Katie Price went into the I’m A Celeb jungle in corn rows and it became a national hair trend, with girls everywhere flocking to Claires Accessories to buy the Babyliss Crazy Braids machine to recreate the look. Rocking the Monica look. Why, oh why?

Wonky Eyeliner

A beauty disaster that the majority of us still have to this day. Why is it so difficult to use a liquid eyeliner and get symmetrical flicks? If anyone has any tips on this one, please PLEASE share as this is one faux pas we can’t seem to leave behind.

Smashed Bronzer

Not so much a beauty disaster, but definitely one every girl has been heartbroken over before. When you reach into your bag for that fancy new bronzer you bought last week and it’s already cracked, with the remainders spilling into your new bag. Ouch.

If you’ve got any more beauty disasters that aren’t on our list, share them with us on Twitter @TheHarveyCentre.


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