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A Look Back at 2017 In Harlow

Monday 18th December 2017

The end of 2017 is in sight as the start of a new year comes closer. It’s this time of year when we begin to reflect on what 2017 brought us, what we achieved and memories that were made. It can be easy to forget about what happened over the last year as it was definitely an eventful one. That’s why we decided to look back on 2017 in Harlow and bring to you our favourite memories over the last year. Enjoy!

Harlow Is 70

Screen-Shot-2017-12-18-at-11.21.45 A Look Back at 2017 In Harlow

This was a huge year for Harlow as the town celebrated its 70th birthday. What a celebration it was too, with the whole community coming together to organise a series of events, artwork, productions and so on. We saw Polish street artist YOLA (Jola Kudela) create beautiful murals that celebrate the diversity of communities around the world and in Harlow. Her work recreates old masters, with locally based people taking the place of those in the paintings.

There was the ‘Why I came here’ project, a partnership between Harlow Museum and YourHarlow.Com backed by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Which recorded the experiences and events that brought people to Harlow.

It wasn’t just Harlow’s 70th, but also Harlow Town Park’s 60th birthday this year. To celebrate the two, a new seat was installed by Harlow Conservation Volunteers in May, using wood from Parndon Wood Nature Reserve. Harlow locals can rest and enjoy the wildlife whilst relaxing on the bench in the Peace Wood in the Town Park.

We were also involved in Harlow is 70 with our time capsule, which leads us on to our next memory of 2017…

The Harvey Centre Turned 35

Screen-Shot-2017-12-18-at-11.16.18-300x198 A Look Back at 2017 In Harlow

This year, we celebrated being 35 and what better way to do that then with a time capsule to bring the whole community together. It was a hugely important milestone for the centre – we really wanted to mark the occasion with something special which acknowledges the huge influence art has had over the town. The idea of building a capsule full of items that are commonplace now, but will look like artefacts in 35 years was hugely fun. The design of the time capsule was really well thought out – and will reflect the town, centre and decade.

We also worked closely with local schools, the council and Gatehouse Arts to ensure there is a huge variation of items inside the capsule. To keep in with the community spirit, we asked commissioned local artist, Jim Brown to design and make our time capsule.

One Great Day at The Harvey Centre

Screen-Shot-2017-12-18-at-11.17.46-300x203 A Look Back at 2017 In Harlow

The Essex community came out in force for One Great Day at The Harvey Centre back in June to show their support for Great Ormond Street hospital. With a full day of events, from a sponsored leg wax to the much anticipated appearance of Amy Childs, and Tottenham Hotspur hosted a penalty shoot out which proved popular. The response from our tenants and customers was fantastic and helped us reach our incredible total fund of £3068. We would like to repeat our thanks to everyone who came down on the day to support our One Great Day event.

The First Harlow Town Centre Awards

Screen-Shot-2017-12-18-at-11.18.24-300x300 A Look Back at 2017 In Harlow

Harlow celebrated the first ever Harlow Town Centre Awards in July. A night to commemorate all the great businesses within our town. We were delighted to have won the award for Best Community Engagement and pleased that our tenants won the following awards:

Retailer of the year – HMV

Leisure Retailer of the year – Cineworld

Small & Independent Business Of The Year – Couzens

Professional Service Of The Year – Legends

Customer Service Of The Year – Couzens

Employee of the year – Tesco

Manager of the year – Vision Express

Award For Community Engagement – The Harvey Centre

Food and Drink Retailer of The Year – Couzens

Professional Service Of The Year – Harlowsave Credit Union

Harlow Film & TV Con Event

Screen-Shot-2017-12-18-at-11.20.35-300x225 A Look Back at 2017 In Harlow

Harlow saw its first film & TV con event this year, an event held at The Harvey Centre to celebrate all things from the world of TV & film. We saw celebrities such as Marc Silk, who was the voice of Johnny Bravo, Scooby-Doo and Shagg, Ross Mullan who portrayed the White Walker in Game of Thrones, plus many other stars from TV and film.

What a great 2017 it has been, and these were only a handful of the fantastic and exciting memories that were created over the last year. We’ve shared our favourite memories with you, now why don’t you share yours with us on our social channels. Twitter (link), Facebook (link).


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