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Where Words Fail, Music Speaks – A Guide To Music Trends In Harlow

Wednesday 16th March 2016

Here at The Harvey Centre, we love supporting our local talent within the community. We have so many talented musicians in the area, that we thought we would give you some useful pointers on how to keep up-to-date with them and where you can get your hands on the music trends in Harlow, enjoy:

The Music Trends in Harlow

1. Visit Open Mic Nights

8559945526_b1d3fb3597_b-150x150 Where Words Fail, Music Speaks - A Guide To Music Trends In HarlowOpen Mic Nights are the perfect way to find the new music trends in Harlow, because they broaden your genre horizons! These nights are generally for unsigned artists and bands to perform to an audience to get their music out there. Remember the artist could be any style, so keep an open-mind – you never know, you may come away having a new interest in a different music genre! They tend to be a friendly and informal affair, so not only will you listen to some new material you may meet some interesting people!

Whether you’re a regular or a newbie, open-mic nights are a fun night out that won’t break the bank balance! One of our favourite places to find new music trends in Harlow, is The Herald Pub, they hold regular music events for a varied audience. Every fortnight on a Wednesday, Kris Ambrose hosts the Acoustic Electric Jam Night where both local and non-local talent can showcase their new music. Expect a varied style ranging from rock and blues to electric guitar, to keep up-to-date with what’s on check out LemonRock.


2. Listen to Local Radio

Screen-Shot-2016-03-01-at-22.51.04-263x300 Where Words Fail, Music Speaks - A Guide To Music Trends In HarlowLocal radio stations are a good source to find the new music trends in Harlow, as it is their priority to promote local talent as much as possible. If you are on the hunt to listen to what’s going on locally and find out about local bands and artists, then one of the best places to go to is Firebird Radio – we have that much local talent, we need a radio station for it! Not only do they play a wide selection of music from bands and artists that are already well-known, one of their main objectives as a not-for-profit radio station that serves the community is to provide an outlet for the local arts. Tune into Martin Haines ‘Live ’N’ Local’ show every Thursday from 7:00pm – 9:00pm to keep updated with the music talent within Harlow.


3. Go to Gigs

3272079115_edf3ac717c_o-150x150 Where Words Fail, Music Speaks - A Guide To Music Trends In HarlowThis is our favourite way to find new music, as you can’t beat a live gig. Witnessing the artist/band up on stage performing and rushing with adrenaline from evoking raw emotion from the crowd is atmospheric. There are plenty of music venues around Harlow that hold regular gigs, so even if you haven’t heard of the artist/band playing, go for the enjoyment of listening to live music and potentially finding a new favourite musician(s). Harlow Gig Guide and Round About Harlow are really useful websites to keep updated with what’s on around Harlow. If you’re going to see a band play that already has a huge presence within the industry, their gigs are still a good place to find new music, as they will always have an up-and-coming support act – so make sure you always get down early to ensure you don’t miss the fresh new talent!


4. Keep up-to-date on Social Media

MPOTY_2014_Social_media_opens_doors_for_meeting_new_people-150x150 Where Words Fail, Music Speaks - A Guide To Music Trends In HarlowWhen you have found artists/bands that you like the sound of through the methods above, check them out on social media. Artists/Bands tend to usually have a social media presence where they will post regularly with any updates on gigs, plus some bands/artists like to post demo tracks of what is to come next, plus new music videos. This is the benefit of liking them on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, you get first access to any news as soon as they post it. You also get to know the band/artist on a more personal level as you can engage with them via their social channels. Not only can you engage with bands and artists, you can also join in conversations and experiences with other music audiences in an online community.


5. Watch out for these up and coming bands…

Harlow is home to a lot of musical talent, it must be something in our water! Here are just a few of the many, that have caught our eye (or ears should we say)…

Sam Ashford and The Peliroccos

Home grown in Harlow, this indie-rock acoustic band are brilliant, fresh and exciting. If you like the sounds of Oasis, The Clash and Foo Fighters then these guys are perfect for your ear drums! Our favourite track is These Words, go and listen to it here


Distance To Fall

Now, if you like your music loud and lairy then you need to give this infectious heavy metal band a listen! They are thrilling their audiences and invigorating the scene with a sound that is distinctive and dynamic. This band is for you, if you are a fan of the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Deftones, etc. Check out the heavy riffs on Kingdom / Hero Double A Side here

Kingdom/Hero Double A Side by Distance To Fall


Panama Sunrise

This energetic four piece produce catchy melodic indie-rock tunes! If you like the sounds of Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and The Hives then you are going to love these guys! Listen to their new single, Strange Love here


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