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7 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

Friday 18th May 2018

We all love a good book – and our love for reading was born from a very young age. Immersing yourself in different worlds each night seemed magical and made our imagination run wild.

The books we read as kids must have had an effect on some people, because it’s become quite common for well-known celebrities to try their hand at becoming a children’s author.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best ones.

David Walliams

shutterstock_146222072-228x300 7 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

So we start off with arguably the most successful celebrity children’s author around in David Walliams.

The Little Britain star and Britain’s Got Talent judge has achieved a huge amount of success with his range of kids books, being touted as “Roald Dahl’s successor”. As of November 2017, Walliams has released 12 different books and has sold more than 12.5 million copies.

His first book, “The Boy in the Dress” came out in November 2008 and as you can tell, David got a taste for creating wonderful stories.

Julianne Moore

shutterstock_1087598351-300x200 7 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

The Hunger Games and Crazy Stupid Love star Julianne Moore launched a very successful series of children’s books called “Freckleface Strawberry” back in 2007.

Known for her work in the film industry, Moore has released 7 titles in the “Freckleface Strawberry” series and a different title named “My Mom Is A Foreigner, But Not To Me” in 2013.

Her books are aimed at providing reassurance in a funny way to kids who feel like they are different and have gained favourable reviews.

Tom Fletcher

shutterstock_122174293-223x300 7 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

Tom Fletcher has recently put down the guitars and picked up a pen, releasing a series of kids books over the last few years.

Known for being the singer of the huge pop rock act McFly, Tom has written his fair share of stories and released his first back in 2012.

He has achieved success with his “The Dinosaur That Pooped…” series (which is also co-written by McFly bassist, Dougie Poynter) and has even collaborated with his wife Giovanna Fletcher, who is a writer in her own right.

Jimmy Fallon

shutterstock_648293092-200x300 7 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

Hugely popular US based talk show host Jimmy Fallon is another celebrity who has turned to the world of children’s books.

Released in 2015, Fallon’s first title “Your Baby’s First World Will Be DADA” has received glowing reviews and is aimed at very young kids.

He wrote the book to ensure that his own daughter’s first words were “Dada”, and when realising everything around him was “Mama”, he set to writing a follow up named “Everything Is Mama” in 2017. 

Julie Andrews

shutterstock_1039776361-200x300 7 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

You may know her as Mary Poppins, but Dame Julie Andrews is no stranger to children’s books.

The Sound of Music star has always been passionate about children and decided to use her very talented hand to try writing children’s material. This brought the release of her first book, “Mandy” back in 1971.

Some of her other notable works include “The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles”, “The Very Fairy Princess” and “Little Bo: The Story of Bonnie Boadicea”. Her work is still in print today, which goes to show how beloved her stories have became.

Ricky Gervais

shutterstock_416523307-243x300 7 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais is best known for his work in The Office and Extras, but he’s achieved notable success with the release of his “Flanimals” book series.

The first title in the “Flanimals” series was released in 2004 and takes a look at a lot of weird and pretty useless creatures and their behaviour. It has gained praise for being silly and bizarre, and kids seem to love it.

Following the success of the first book, Gervais produced a series of follow-ups and the last one was a pop up book, released in 2010.

Jamie Lee Curtis

shutterstock_535528306-199x300 7 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

Last on our list is the fantastic actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis.

Curtis is best known for her work in the film and television industry, starring in features such as Freaky Friday and Halloween II, but she has been producing books for kids for a number of years.

She wrote her first book named “When I Was Little: A Four Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Youth” in 1993, and she didn’t stop there. Since then, she has produced 8 other stories and they have become well loved.

Her 1998 book, “Today I Feel Silly, And Other Moods That Make My Day” was even listed on the New York Times best-seller list for 10 weeks. Not bad at all.


These are only a small handful of the many different celebrities that have ventured into the children’s literature world. As you can imagine, a lot of these people love to entertain so writing for kids is just another way of doing that.

Have we missed out one of our favourites? Let us know!


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