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5 Common Fetishes You May Have

Thursday 22nd March 2018

When you read the word fetish in this blog title, I bet your mind instantly went to the thought of erotic fantasies. Hold that thought. Not all fetishes are the naughty kind, the one’s we’re talking about are actually very platonic common fetishes and that are a little out of the ordinary.

If you type into google the definition of fetish, ‘a strong and unusual need or desire for something’ appears as one definition. See, nothing sexual there.

So, without further ado let’s take a look at some common fetishes and learn just what it is that you love so much. We’ve all got one, whether we vocalise it or not.

5 Common Fetishes

1. Autophile, a person who loves solitude, being alone

original-18470-1424101737-3 5 Common Fetishes You May Have

Source: Buzzfeed

Are you one of those people who just hates to be around other people? If the thought of having to share a seat next to someone on public transport makes you shudder, then you could be what’s called an Autophile. It means that you love your own space and solitude. It’s actually quite a common fetish. It turns out us humans, in such a social sharing world, tend to be not very social beings.

2. Pogonophile, a person who loves beards

original-31775-1424103021-5 5 Common Fetishes You May Have

Source: Buzzfeed

If you’re a sucker for a man with a beard, or you’re a hipster who thinks facial fuzz is bushier the better then you may just have a fetish for beards. With the rise of the hipster, beards have seen a spurt in growth in 2016. Take a walk down any street filled with coffee shops and count how many men in lumberjack shirts with extensive facial hair you can see. With hashtags, Instagram accounts and blogs all dedicated to beard lovers, it really is a common obsession amongst society.

3. Stigmatophile, a person who loves piercings and tattoos

original-19211-1424104826-13 5 Common Fetishes You May Have

Source: Buzzfeed

Whether you’re covered in ink, or have enough piercings to set the metal detectors off at airport security, then you are known as a stigmatophile. It’s a lover of tattoos and piercings. Have you ever noticed that the majority of people with a tattoo has more than one? It’s because people tend to pick up a small addiction to ink and needles on their first tattoo. Same goes for piercings, making this a very common fetish.

4. Pokemonphile, a person who is addicted to Pokemon Go

pokemonphile 5 Common Fetishes You May Have

Now, this fetish was around in the nineties and has seen a huge surge in the past month due to Pokemon Go being made available in the UK. Have you spotted people running the streets of your town or city and excitedly shouting “I’ve caught a Weedle!”. No, this person isn’t delusional, they’ve just got a fetish for Pokemon Go. It seems like the whole world is turning into Pokemonphiles.

5. Turophile, a person who loves cheese

original-14251-1424122107-7 5 Common Fetishes You May Have

Source: Buzzfeed

Cheese connoisseur, cheese fanatic, crazy about cheese? If you’ve ever been labelled one of these terms, then you could well be a Turophile, a person who absolutely adores cheese. If you’re not a turophile, you will certainly know at least one. They’re the one’s who will turn up to a dinner party with some fancy named cheddar, or continuously invite you over for a cheese and wine night. There’s actually some who are opening up restaurants solely dedicated to this dairy derived food.

Do any of these common fetishes sound familiar to you? Share your non-sexual common fetishes with us on our Facebook or Twitter.


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